Friday, December 6, 2013 stats for 06 dec 2013 - World Goverments are not Sadistic, but "Sucidal maniacs"...!



The Fourth Assessment Report of the IPCC warns of a 1.1 to 6.4 degree (C) increase in average global temperature by the end of the century. Considering that the average or baseline annual global temperature is only 14 degrees, even a 1 degree rise could be devastating.

The IPCC outlines several "scenarios" which they give cryptic names like A1F1 and B2. The World Clock uses the medium "best estimate" of the A1B scenario which forecasts a 2.8 degree rise. In order to give the viewer a sense of the rate of rise we show the global anomaly to 10 decimal places. We do not intend this to indicate a degree of certainty or accuracy. The IPCC estimates do not offer great accuracy nor do they even give an origin. Additionally, their projection is not linear (as this program might suggest). Temperatures are expected to fluctuate from year to year as they have in the past. This might explain why there has been no appreciable rise in temperatures for the past 15 years.

[IPCC Global Warming Scenarios] The reason that scientists cannot give more exact projections (and the reason that the science is controversial) is that Climate sensitivity to CO2 is not clearly understood. The skeptics do not doubt the rise in CO2 levels. They also do not question that the earth has warmed. The debate is largely about the cause. Global warming proponents say the changes are due to mankind's burning of fossil fuels, while the skeptics say that humans have had little effect, the current trends are natural, and pouring money into unproven science would only weaken the world's economies and cause more damage than good. Both sides claim that the other is motivated by secret or nefarious agendas. We recommend open-minded research. Do not rely on any one source, person, textbook, or movie.

For the proponent's view we recommend reading Skeptical Science. For the skeptic's side of the story Dr Roy Spencer is a good source.

We at consider ourselves journalists, not scientists or activists. It is our job to report the data, not take sides in controversial issues. Global warming is one of these issues. We do not advocate for global warming, or against it. Doing so would violating our professional integrity.


The CIA World Factbook calculates that the world has about 1.5 trillion barrels of oil remaining in known reserves. At current consumption rates this will only last 50 years. New technologies of extracting and discovering oil are being developed and perhaps the worlds appetite for oil will be satiated. The future is unclear. But what is clearly visible is that the world has a finite supply of oil and we are running out fast.


The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations estimates that approximately 60 billion chickens, 1.4 billion pigs, and 300 million cows will be butchered for food this year. A trillion eggs and 720 million tonnes of milk will be produced. About 2.6 billion tonnes of Cereals (Wheat, rice, etc) and 1.2 tonnes of vegetables will be harvested. The world has about 20 million square kilometers of arable land. A million and a half is currently defined as permanent cropland, and another 3.4 million sq km is pasture land.

We have calculated this years stats from the most recently available statistics (2011) by the FAO. Of course this assumes that 2012 and 2013 stayed on trend of the past several years.

..."]]] not worry World...! We are in the hands of more than EVIL or Ignorant Governments...!


...THE WORLD WILL NOT COPE WITH ANY EMERGENCY NOR THE END OF CRUDE OIL...! Capitalism and "false competition and economies" are contributing to a big DOOM scenario...!

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